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Kevin Durant Says Argument With Draymond Green Won't Affect His Free Agency Decisions

Durant and Green got into an argument last week during a game against the Clippers.

Warriors forward Kevin Durant says last week's argument with Draymond Green won't affect his decision regarding free agency, according to Yahoo Sports.

"Nah, [it won’t factor],” Durant said. “Because at the end of the day, I’m just a ballplayer that’s just trying to be in a great environment to play basketball and groom my skills every day. And I want to compete on a level that once the game starts, I’m just totally comfortable with my surroundings, with just going out there and being me."

Durant has a player option for next season but is expected to decline it so he can hit the free agent market. It was reported that Green told Durant the team didn't need him since it won a 2015 NBA championship without him. The exchange allegedly came during their fight at the end of regulation in last week's game against the Clippers.

The two argued on the court after Green grabbed a rebound off a Clippers miss and took the ball to the basket with six seconds left in the fourth instead of passing to Durant, who had been calling for the ball. Durant let Green know about it when they got back to the bench, with the two getting into a shouting match and having to be calmed down by their teammates. Their heated exchange reportedly continued into the locker room after the game.

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When asked about the incident later in the week, Durant told reporters, "Don't ask me about that again."

Durant told Yahoo Sports that there's no issues between him and Green.

"I never really felt like it was a problem, because I know Dray and he says some crazy [expletive] out his mouth all the time," Durant said. "But on top of that, it was just that there was so much coming with it from the outside, and so much stuff that we have to answer now."

"I think everyone’s been handling it the best way they could and we’re just trying to move forward with it," he added.