The NBA announced a new uniform for each of the 16 playoff teams from last season.

By Khadrice Rollins
December 12, 2018

Who's ready for more great NBA jerseys from Nike?

The NBA and its official apparel partner announced Wednesday they are adding another uniform option for teams that made the playoffs last season.

In what will be some variant of team's City or Statement Edition uniforms, the Earned Edition uniforms will debut on Christmas, but they will be available for purchase starting Dec. 19.

Now, let's take a look at which of these jerseys are the best.

Ranking the 30 Best NBA Jerseys of All Time

16. Cavaliers

This uniform is last mostly because the color scheme is supposed to pay tribute to the "icy weather Cleveland fans brave to support their Cavs throughout winter." That weather is probably part of the reason it's hard for free agents to come to the Cavaliers. Why celebrate it now?

15. Spurs

I get the reason behind the camo jerseys, but they just don't look quite right and they appear to be pixilated. Just way too much blah going on here.

14. Wizards

The red helps these pop out better than the City Edition jersey, and it makes the marble panel on the side look even better.

13. Thunder

These are a slight upgrade from the Statement Edition jerseys the Thunder have. And the orange base looks good, but it's still a lot of orange.

12. 76ers

The stars around the numbers on the front isn't a bad look. But with another version of these already in gray, it feels like we missed out on having something more fun.

11. Bucks

If something was going on with the trim around the sleeves and the neck, these would look a lot better. But despite having some flare, they fall short of their full potential.

10. Celtics

A green base with the gold from this year's City jerseys works well. And when you're paying homage to the Larry Bird warm-ups he won the three-point contest in, it's hard to miss.

9. Rockets

Combining crimson with the Rockets' traditional shade of red could have been overkill, but it works out perfect.

8. Raptors

Because we needed some more red jerseys. And the way North is stylized on the chest always looks nice.

7. Pacers

These have a feel like the old jerseys Reggie Miller used to wear, but with just a touch more pizzazz.

6. Pelicans

Any jersey that is inspired by Mardi Gras will likely turn out well. There are probably some exceptions, but this ain't one of them.

5. Jazz

Of all the uniforms that go without a team name or geographic location on the front, these make it work the best.

4. Warriors

How can you not like The Town jerseys? 

3. Trail Blazers

Great call flipping the color scheme from last season's City Edition uniforms. Black trim on the sleeves might have made these even better, but having it just around the neck works well too.

2. Timberwolves

They can't be as clean as the Prince City Edition jerseys, but they get the job done. Having these in addition to those black uniforms is a perfect call.

1. Heat

Are you serious? I need 10 of these. And seven of those 10 need to be Dwyane Wade jerseys just so I could have the option of wearing the pink Miami Vice Wade jersey every day of the week just to make sure everybody who knows me sees me at least one time in the pink Miami Vice Wade jersey.

Check out more photos of each uniform here.

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