Steph Curry fulfilled his promise to Riley Morrison, the nine-year-old who wrote a letter to Curry about why his Under Armour sneakers were only sold in boys' sizes, sending her two pairs of his new Curry 6 sneakers as a surprise on Christmas Day.

"It's the Curry 6!" Riley said as she opened the present. "Oh my gosh, this is so cool."

Riley was one of the first to receive the new Curry 6's, which release on Jan. 4, 2019.

In a November letter to the Golden State All-Star, Riley explained that she was "a big fan" of Curry's but was disappointed to find that the Curry 5 sneakers were only sold in boys' sizes on Under Armour's website. She wanted a pair before her new basketball season, so the three-time NBA champion wrote back to tell Riley that he would send her a pair of the Curry 5's and one of the first pairs of the Curry 6 collab. 

A man of his word, Curry made sure to send Riley two pairs of his brand new shoes to sport this season and had the kicks listed under the "Girls Basketball Athletic Shoes" category on Under Armour's website, all by Christmas.