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Lonzo Ball Covering His ‘BBB’ Tattoo Is the Only Thing to Laugh at From Big Baller Brand’s Collapse

Lonzo Ball revealed some new ink that covers up a part of his life he probably doesn't want to remember.

On Friday, news broke that Lonzo Ball had cut ties from Alan Foster, the co-founder of Big Baller Brand, because of $1.5 million that was missing from Ball's personal and business accounts.

In the immediate fallout, it appeared that Lonzo and his brothers were also cutting all ties from BBB in general. Especially with questions about the shoes' impact on his injury history floating around.

An Instagram post with the Nike swoosh placed in just the right spot and the deletion of all his previous social media mentions of the brand has made many speculate if Nike is his next move.

However, Lonzo owns 51% of the company his father LaVar marketed endlessly as a revolutionary benchmark in athletic apparel.

For some, the Big Baller Brand's demise was a glorious time to gloat about how they always knew it would fail. And those people are mostly clowns. No matter how you feel about LaVar and his tactics, you should feel sorry for Lonzo and his brothers because they were the clear victims of Foster's shenanigan's and did nothing to deserve to be scammed like they reportedly were.

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That being said, there is one aspect of this debacle that we should all laugh at no matter what side of the BBB argument you stand on.


Lonzo had BBB tattooed on his shooting arm. And now what used to be a logo representing a family business is now just some misshapen dice.

Having to cover the tattoo isn't all that funny. What's funny is how bad it currently looks in these photos.

Hopefully, he's able to get some more work done so those lopsided dice look more symmetrical and less like they currently do.

But until that happens, this is the only aspect of this company's demise that has any real humor. So for those of us who feel there is always something to laugh at, even in times of turmoil, this is what to mock. Not the money or his dad letting a scammer so close the family. The octagonal dice on his arm.