A great call paired with a great shot is what truly makes an iconic play.

And ESPN's Mike Breen consistently provides some of the best calls to help elevate the amazing plays he's providing commentary for.

But with one simple word, Breen has found a way to truly immortalize some of the best shots of recent.


Whenever you hear it come from Breen's mouth and through your television speakers, the hairs on your arm raise just a little bit.

Sure his "It's good!" will also provide a chill down your spine like when he called Kyrie Irving's Game 7 championship-winner in 2016 or Kevin Durant's Game 3 dagger the following season. But nothing hits the same as a "Bang!" from Breen.

So now, let's revisit Breen's 10 best bangs of the last 10 seasons.

10. Eric Gordon earns the double "Bang!" with double-clutch game-tying three

Eric Gordon hit this tough double-clutch three-pointer to send this January 2019 contest against the Lakes into overtime and it led to Breen pulling out the rare "Bang! Bang!" So for that reason alone, Gordon is able to sneak onto this list.

9. Mike Miller with one sneaker in Game 6

We've seen players lose a shoe all the time during games. But we never see them lose a shoe and then hit a clutch three with the season on the line against the Spurs. Well, besides Mike Miller of course. Apparently, his seven threes to close out the 2012 Finals weren't enough. So Miller decided to add this beauty to his highlight reel before departing from Miami as a two-time champion.

8. Linsanity for the win

Who could forget those few weeks in 2012 where Jeremy Lin captivated the world with his surprising stellar performances? The peak of Linsanity though came on a February night in Toronto, with the game tied and the ball in his hands.

There was never a doubt about the shot, but it wasn't a guarantee Breen would go with "Bang!" over "It's good!"

7. Melo puts it in

In what was arguably the highlight of Carmelo Anthony's time with the Knicks, Breen found himself in position to call two big shots from the future Hall of Famer.

The first was to tie the game and send it to overtime. It was also the only one of these shots that actually got a "Bang!" But the second was the overtime winner that brought Madison Square Garden into a frenzy.

And the "Anthony puts it in! Knicks by one!" call is beautiful in its own right.

6. Dirk ends OKC with second look from three

Dirk Nowitzki was on the verge of capturing his first championship, but he needed to close out the Western Conference finals first. And with a Game 5 in Dallas against a very young Thunder team, Dirk did what you'd expect Dirk to do and delivered in the playoffs.

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But he also made sure to provide the biggest shot of the night. The final go-ahead bucket that set up a date with the Heat.

5. Derrick Rose off glass with no emotion

Game 3 of the 2015 second-round series between the Bulls and Cavaliers. Derrick Rose was finally back in the playoffs after missing two straight postseasons due to injuries. And he finally had another shot at LeBron James, who ruined his MVP season back in 2011 when the Heat finished the Bulls in five in the Eastern Conference finals.

So what would Rose do with the game on the line in Chicago?

4. Ron Artest connects thanks to Dr. Sandy

In a Game 7 against the Celtics in Los Angeles, the Lakers needed everything they could find. Kobe Bryant wasn't hitting much, so Pau Gasol and the Queensbridge legend once known as Ron Artest had to deliver to complete the quest for back-to-back titles.

And with the clock getting low in a three-point game, Artest provided a big bucket that extended the lead and made people look at mental health and getting proper help for it a little bit differently.

3. Jason Terry in LeBron's face

The 2011 Finals were an amazing time for anybody wearing a Mavericks jersey.

While Dirk will forever be the hero of the series, his main running mate, Jason Terry, also had some special moments to bring home the Larry O'Brien. And the biggest moment for Terry came late in Game 5 while Dallas held onto a four-point lead and LeBron James was guarding him.

This is probably why Bron had to dunk so hard on him and earn that tech for staring two years later.

2. Ray Allen from the corner to save the Heat

LeBron James was in the midst of one of the greatest quarters in NBA history. When he wasn't setting up his teammates to make jumpers with only one sneaker, he was getting every bucket he could himself. He just hit a big three late in the game to keep Miami alive and was looking to tie the game. But he didn't.

But Chris Bosh was ready to collect the miss. And he was also ready to find one of the greatest shooters ever with time ticking away.

1. Steph shows off the range just because

The greatest double "Bang!" in Breen's history as an announcer. One of the greatest shots in the history of the sport.

There are no other words I can say to help explain the magnificence of this moment.

"Bang! ... Bang!"