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Charles Barkley Rips U.S. Political System After Tragic Texas School Shooting

Charles Barkley, like many Americans, was shaken up after the suspected gunman, an 18-year-old man, abandoned his vehicle, entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas with a handgun and killed at least 21 people that includes 19 children and two adults, per the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The NBA legend ripped the country’s politicians on issues regarding gun laws, saying they are the “worse example” to follow. “This notion that every single thing that happens in the world, we have to vote among party lines… I’m going to go with my team instead of representing the people, You’re supposed to represent all of the people,” Barkley said.

“This stuff [shootings]… I never want to get numb to it…. You never used to think when you send your kids to school, something bad was gonna happen. … It’s just a sad day for our country.”

In a news conference following the shooting, police announced that the suspected gunman was dead and acted alone in the shooting. 

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Tuesday's shooting comes 10 days after the city of Buffalo mourned a devastating mass shooting at a local supermarket that took the lives of 10 people and left three injured.  

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