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From Jayson Tatum shaking free of Tobias Harris to Romeo Langford swatting Joel Embiid, Embiid doing the same to Tatum, and a pair of alley-oops to Robert Williams, here are the top five plays from Friday's game between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

Jayson Tatum Shakes Free of Tobias Harris

That's the type of isolation attack that's effective. Jayson Tatum is decisive, and he attacks Tobias Harris, ultimately showing off some deft footwork to create an ocean separation between the two of them, then knocking down the fadeaway jumper.

Romeo Langford Denies Joel Embiid at the Rim

Joel Embiid grabs the offensive rebound after the missed three by Seth Curry, but Romeo Langford sticks with the play, and he swats the Sixers' center with an over-the-top left-handed rejection.


Do Not Lose Track of Robert Williams!

Losing track of Robert Williams is destined to end in a dunk. That's exactly what happens here, and with three defenders in the paint and their eyes on the ball, the Timelord dives to the basket, and Al Horford throws him the lob for the alley-oop and an easy two points.

Joel Embiid Swats Jayson Tatum

Getting downhill off a screen from Jaylen Brown, with Matisse Thybulle on his back hip, Jayson Tatum effectively has a 2-1 with Robert Williams against Joel Embiid. But with Tatum's head down, he's signaling his intent to take it himself, and despite covering a lot of ground with a euro-step, Embiid's well-positioned to swat his shot and does just that.

Boston's Ball Movement and Dribble Penetration Leads to an Alley-Oop for Robert Williams

That was one of the Celtics' best plays of the game. It starts with Jaylen Brown attacking out of the corner, getting into the paint to collapse the defense, and getting the ball to Payton Pritchard in the opposite corner. Pritchard quickly gets the ball to Jayson Tatum, who blows by a bad closeout from Tyrese Maxey, draws two defenders, and throws the lob to, you guessed it, Robert Williams.