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NBA 2K23 has officially released, and while there is a lot for the community to get excited about, LA Clippers star Paul George received an underwhelming rating. Just an 88-overall, George fell short of several players who many believe he is right on par with. In a recent Tweet, Clippers forward Marcus Morris called out the game on George's behalf.

Also calling out Ronnie Singh, better known as Ronnie 2K, Morris wanted everybody to know that Paul George deserves some more respect. Not directly involved with player ratings, Singh is actually close friends with George, which he revealed in a recent exclusive interview.

Spending most of his time at the shooting guard position with the Clippers, George is undoubtedly one of the top players at that spot in the NBA. His 2K rating, while likely lower than it should be, does reflect that to an extent. Not seemingly concerned with it himself, George received an early copy of the game from Ronnie 2K, which Singh also revealed in that same interview.

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With attribute updates implemented throughout the game's life cycle, Paul George will have an opportunity to improve his current 88-overall rating. Injured for most of last season, the star forward is ready to remind people just how good he is. Should he start the year hot, expect that 88-overall to ascend quickly.

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