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Kawhi Leonard often draws robot comparisons due to his quiet and meticulous approach to the game; however, former Clipper JJ Redick took that comparison to another level on a recent podcast episode. In a recent episode of his "The Old Man and Three" podcast, JJ Redick was joined by Sacramento Kings' budding star Tyrese Haliburton. 

The two went back and forth trading stories, and both had unique ones to tell about Kawhi Leonard. While Haliburton shared a story about Kawhi giving him his "Welcome to the NBA" moment, Redick shared a story from the Clippers 2015 First Round matchup with the San Antonio Spurs.

Redick told Haliburton that during the 2015 playoffs, he was lined up alongside Kawhi Leonard when he tapped his stomach he could not believe what he just felt. Redick said specifically that he tapped Kawhi on the stomach and said "I just touched a robot."

Redick's testimony was consistent with Haliburton's experience, which was predicated on Kawhi's unmatched strength that could be felt by a single touch. While Kawhi Leonard's physique is certainly a product of unique genetics, there is no question he has worked hard to become this version of himself.

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Lou Williams recently told a story about Kawhi that corroborated this idea that his greatness is a product of unmatched work ethic. After speaking about Allen Iverson, James Harden, and Kobe Bryant, Lou revealed that Kawhi Leonard arrives to practice an hour and a half early, and stays an hour and a half late.

Between the testimonies of Redick, Haliburton, and Williams, fans are provided with some unique insight into one of the NBA's most intriguing players.

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