Kawhi Leonard is the most mysterious man in the NBA. He won't say a word, but different analysts around the league will have different reports on his mindset and future - most recently, his future with the Clippers.

Here's what Adrian Wojnarowski said about Leonard potentially re-signing with the Clippers: “I’ve gotten NO indication that Kawhi Leonard is interested in doing anything but re-signing with the Clippers.”

This completely contradicts Marc Stein's report from July 23 stating that it was no longer a safe assumption that Kawhi Leonard would re-sign with the Clippers.

There's no liar in these situations. It's moreso about the source, what the agendas the sources have, and which source is ultimately more correct. It could all ultimately be a game by Kawhi Leonard's camp to put more pressure on the Clippers, or someone could have been feeding the Mavericks wrong intel. Ultimately, there's always a whole layer of agendas underneath whatever information is being put on the surface.

With regards to Kawhi Leonard, it's very hard to imagine him leaving the Clippers. From all of the information AllClippers has gathered throughout the last two years of covering the Clippers and speaking to sources within the team, Leonard literally gets anything he wants within the organization. He has his own doctors, no one pushes him to return, he helps control the roster, helps control the coaches, and gets to live at home. It's the perfect situation for him. The fact that the Clippers even gutted their future for Paul George, speaks volumes as to how committed the team is to Kawhi Leonard.