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Ja Morant is going to be one of the future point guards of the NBA. He hasn't become an All-Star yet in his short three-year career, but Clippers All-Star Paul George has some very high faith in him.

"He’s just explosive, electrifying," George said. "I’d compare him to like D-Rose. I guarded him my rookie year, the Indy-Chicago, and guarding Ja is very similar to how D-Rose was."

Paul George parallels Morant to Rose because of his ability to change direction. It's something very few NBA players can do.

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"It was just how quick and his ability to change direction, move his body in-air," George said. "He made it tough for us. He put a lot of pressure on us."

Both Morant and George had electrifying performances in their matchup on Saturday night. Morant had 28 points, 8 assists, and 2 rebounds. George had 41 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals. Unfortunately for George, he didn't get much help from his starting lineup and inevitably lost the game. Regardless, Paul George had nothing but good things to say about Ja Morant.

"He’s just explosive," George said bout Morant. "He’s explosive. You know the direction he wants to go. He wants to go left, we knew that, but he’s just so good and so fast, he still gets to it." 

The Clippers haven't started off their season the way they wanted to do. They've lost two nail-biter games from an inability to hit big shots in the clutch from behind. Their ability to fight back was a big moral victory, but moral victories mean nothing in the record books - Paul George knows that.

"I'm happy we fought, but that can't be who we are - just be happy that we play hard. We gotta do our job, we gotta win games."