Former First Team All-Defense guard Avery Bradley is currently competing for a spot on the Golden State Warriors' roster. Bradley signed a non-guaranteed deal with the Warriors at the end of September, and will spend the pre-season making his case for a roster spot. Bradley is seemingly off to a good start, because he already has the endorsement of Steph Curry.

Steph Curry addressed the media on Monday afternoon, and when asked about Avery Bradley, he said, "I've always called him a bulldog. Everyone asks who is the toughest defenders you’ve had, he’s the first guy that comes to mind, just because he is relentless, physical, and quick." When asked about the Warriors' available 15th roster spot, Steph said he believes that's why Bradley is here.

There were some question marks surrounding Bradley's ability at this stage of his career, as he has struggled since leaving the Lakers. After a failed stint with the LA Clippers that led to him being dealt at the 2019 trade deadline, Bradley was able to regain his positive impact with both the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers; however, that was not the case last season.

In 27 games last season, Bradley shot just 37% from the field and struggled defensively as well, with his 48.9 DFG% being the worst mark of his career by a significant margin. It is important to note that Bradley missed most of the season with a calf injury, so the sample size of poor play from last season is relatively small.

With the endorsement of Steph Curry, it looks like the former Clipper may get an opportunity to play for their division rivals up north.

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