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Last night, Trae Young, Dejounte Murray, and John Collins teamed up for the first time at The CrawsOver Pro-Am League in Seattle, Washington. Luckily for fans, they will get to see a lot more of the trio next season.

We were able to learn a few things about next year's Atlanta Hawks team. First and foremost, they will be a lot of fun to watch. Second, the star players will create a lot of highlights. Lastly, they might rub salt in the wound of their opponents. It was not easy, but below are the top five plays from the Hawks' players' takeover of The CrawsOver.

5. Dejounte Murray Disrespect

Dejounte Murray is a hard-nosed player. The NBA All-Star did not appreciate his defender playing him so close, so Murray did something about it. Murray bounced the ball off the defender's back and head a few times before blowing past him. It's disrespectful, and we like it. 

4. Trae Young Alley-Oop to Dejounte Murray

For the first time ever, fans saw Trae Young throw an alley-oop to Dejounte Murray. All-Star to All-Star, point guard to point guard, and teammate to teammate. Murray's athleticism and Young's passing ability will create a backcourt like the NBA has never seen.

3. Dejounte Murray Dunk

Dejounte Murray was cleared for takeoff shortly after passing halfcourt on the fastbreak. The opposing team's lone defender made the business decision to get out of the way, and we do not blame him. 

2. Trae Young Alley-Oop to John Collins

Death, taxes, and Trae Young throwing alley-oops to John Collins. The two teammates are like peanut butter and jelly. They were top-five in assist combos last season, and their chemistry will only improve more over time.

1. Gamebreaker Alley-Oop

The crowd at Seattle Pacific University lost their minds when the Hawks trio connected on this highlight. Trae Young nutmegged his defender before tossing the ball up to John Collins, who alley-ooped it to Dejounte Murray. The highlight went viral, but this is the best angle of the play.

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