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Utah Jazz Players React to Mike Conley All-Star News

Conley's teammates were thrilled when they heard about the veteran's first All-Star bid.

For years, Mike Conley has been known as one of the best NBA players to never be named an All-Star. That changed on Friday night when the NBA announced that Mike Conley would replace Devin Booker in the upcoming All-Star game. According to ESPN, Mike Conley is the first player in NBA history to be a first-time All-Star in his 14th NBA season.

Following the news on Friday night, Jazz players took to Twitter to congratulate the 14-year veteran on his first All-Star selection:

"I don't care what y'll say or how y'all feel, Mike Conley all-star, well deserved and earned." - Royce O'Neale

Jazz players weren't the only NBA players to congratulate Conley. LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverly also took to Twitter on Friday night:

Former NBA great Jamal Crawford also congratulated Conley on Friday night:

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"Man, so genuinely happy for Mike Conley. Always been one of the most underrated players to never make all star.. We can change that title now" - Jamal Crawford

Jazz players have been advocating for Conley's All-Star selection for a number of weeks:

Conley has been an integral part Utah's success this season, leading the team in assists (5.7) and steals (1.4) per game. This is his second season with the Jazz after completing his first twelve seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies. 

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