Knicks Do-Over: Let Linsanity Live On

Lauren Russell

Let's pretend a magic genie came to me and said, "I can change one thing in Knicks history for you". Initially, I would probably ask why it was only one thing because aren't genies always offering to grant three wishes, that's like their whole thing. 

So now that I've come to accept, I only can change ONE thing in Knicks history, I start to think about the Knicks I've watched of the past, and of course, I get all nostalgic. I decide my change in Knicks history must be to extended Linsanity.

 I might be cheating a little bit by saying "extending Linsanity" because not only do I mean the Knicks would resign Jeremy Lin in my scenario, but also Lin's knee injury would never happen and Linsanity would continue into, hopefully, the next season.

Linsanity was one of the highlights of my Knick fandom. I was in middle school when it happened, and everyone, I mean EVERYONE in my school was consistently talking about Jeremy Lin. I remember it even cutting into class time at one point because my teacher was showing us a Linsanity hype video. As a huge sports fan, it was so fun to see a sports topic be the buzz in the hallways. 

Now I understand I probably could have changed something in Knicks history that would give them a better shot at winning the title but nostalgia just overrode everything here. Imagine, if Linsanity was to continue into the next season, and Lin became an All-Star point guard, that's my goal with having "extending Linsanity" be my change in Knicks' history. 

Everyone loves an underdog story, so why not extend this one that was so special to New York?