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Lakers LeBron James Feels LA Has Not Even ‘Scratched the Surface’ On Their Potential

The Lakers may have won on Sunday night, but can this become a pattern of success?

The Lakers are now back to .500 as they got a win over the Detriot Pistons for the second time in a week making them 11-11 going into their next game. This was a big game for L.A. after the embarrassing loss to the Sacramento Kings. The Lakers found a way to take the lead and keep it. After the game, LeBron James and Anthony Davis took to their postgame interview together and talked about not only this game but their team as a whole. 

LeBon James specifically had a lot to say about the L.A. team and the challenges they have gone through. 

"I love trying to figure out how we can be better, get through the mud, or get through adversity," said James. 

"I feel like we haven't even scratched the surface on what team we can be and we're going to continue to get better and better as we continue to learn each other more and more, continue to work into our system offensively and defensively. Like I said, in preseason, in training camp, in everything, we had nine, I believe nine new guys coming into our system that haven't been in. So I think that takes time."

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One of the biggest mysteries coming into the season this year was how this new Lakers roster will work together. Clearly, that question was answered quickly as the season began. This L.A. team needs to work harder and communicate better. On Sunday night, the Lakers proved that if they work together, they can be powerful. They can take the lead and they will win. 

James continued and talked about how Friday night's loss affected him and the rest of the team. 

"Obviously, you hate losses, we don't want to lose, we get frustrated. We were mad as heck the other night after that Sac loss and we made a point to come in today, very focused on the game plan and learning from our mistakes and we got better. So, right there lets me know that we're a team that cares and a team that wants to continue to get better throughout it all."

The Lakers are finding their way slowly and as they continue to do things they definitely regret, they learn from it and do whatever they can to become a more well-rounded team. The Lakers play the Sacramento Kings again on Tuesday and that will be a big test to see if this team can truly improve from their mistakes as LeBron James says they can.