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With over ten roster spots changing over, the Lakers were largely seen as having the busiest offseason in the NBA. While the reaction to the roster moves have been polarizing, it cannot be argued that this is the most talent the team has seen in a while.

NBA Insider Chris Broussard was on the Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe yesterday, and talked about how the Lakers have a lot of work in terms of getting the talent on the team to run in sync with each other.

“Russell Westbrook is not a seamless fit around LeBron James. Even the most avid Lakers fan and supporter will have to admit that. I was talking with someone recently close to LeBron, and they said, ‘it’s going to be tough’. That’s just obvious, doesn’t mean it can’t work, but it is a tough fit.”

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With the addition of Kyle Lowry, Boussard proclaimed that the Miami Heat had the best offseason.

“Then you look at Miami…I actually agree with a GM, Kyle Lowry has the type of game that can fit next to anybody. He’s a defender, he can spot up and shoot the three, he’s a leader. Don’t forget PJ Tucker who was big for Milwaukee. He was big in that series, throughout their run to the championship…and then they have Markieff Morris.”

As much slander as Broussard has gotten as an insider over th, he has a point as to how Lowry’s game fits better as a secondary option to complement players who are more ball dominant. Westbrook’s lone season with the Houston Rockets is the only time we’ve seen where he was the secondary option off the ball, which actually helped him average a career best 47.2% shooting. Laker fans hope that Westbrook can duplicate that level of efficiency this upcoming season.

Broussard did acknowledge that the Lakers were still the team to beat in the West. He mentioned how the talent of Anthony Davis and James were undeniable, and the pieces they added this past summer were just too much for anyone else in the West to overcome.