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Lakers: The Unlikely Friendship Between LeBron James and Patrick Mahomes

Two big stars of their sport forming a friendship.

LeBron James has always been bigger than just basketball. Across all professional sports, he's recognized as one of the most successful and well-respected athletes in the country. So it's no surprise to hear that a star of another sport would be excited to have a friendship with LBJ. 

That's apparently the case with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He talked recently about a Twitter exchange with LeBron after Mahomes tweeted about being a father. 

LeBron responded to Mahomes and a friendship seems to be growing. 

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I’ve talked to him a couple times and kind of built a little bit of a friendship there. I mean, obviously, I have a ton of respect for the guy but it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment tweet, I was just sitting there playing with Sterling. and I was like, ‘Man, this is cool. Being able to see a little you just kind of growing up,’ and so I kind of tweeted that out. He has a couple sons and a daughter that are all great athletes and great people. So I know it’s just a cool moment to be a dad and be able to see a little you growing up.

It's funny to see a guy with as much stardom be sort of starstruck by another athlete. But that's kind of what happens with someone like LeBron. That Lakers star might be one of the biggest athletes in the entire world of sports. 

He was someone that I watched growing up, my whole entire life pretty much, him dominating and he’s still dominating the league. And so it definitely was a surreal moment to talk to him the first time you meet him and know he’s just kind of, he’s a real dude, just like everyone else... And just kind of building that relationship. Got some advice from him. He’s a great guy, a great guy.

That's just LeBron. He's bigger than basketball. He's a real-life superstar, and the Lakers are lucky to have him, especially in a year that they've struggled to get things going