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The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, and there are some intriguing names swirling around the rumor mill. How involved are the Dallas Mavs? We're on every rumor, every deal, all the analysis - up to the minute!

MARCH 25: Right at the deadline buzzer the Mavs have acquired perimeter shooter JJ Redick from New Orleans

Shams is the first to report but multiple times he has tweeted and then deleted his information on Twitter. 

Shams later confirmed the final transaction, which sends Redick and forward Nicolo Melli to Dallas, in exchange for James Johnson, Wes Iwundu, and a second-round pick.

Redick, 36, has been a Dallas trade target for much of this season as the Mavericks look to improve their perimeter shooting. 

MARCH 25: Nikola Vucevic exemplifies a particular Mavs problem. Would Dallas have liked to add the All-Star center? Yes.

Did Dallas have the ammo to do what Chicago just did? Not really.

Orlando is sending Vucevic and ol' Mavs pal Al-Farouq Aminu to the Bulls in exchange for Wendell Carter Jr., Otto Porter Jr., and two-first round picks.

Vucevic is a two-time All-Star who is averaging 24.5 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per game this season. Dallas likes him, at some level, just as it likes two of his ex-Magic mates. (See below.) but the "multiple first-rounders,'' as Mavs fans know, it a bit of an obstacle to anything like this.

MARCH 25: ‘WE LOVE OUR BOYS IN BLUE’ And there is nothing wrong with that ... to a point.

We will be visiting with GM Donnie Nelson shortly after today’s 2 p.m. CT deadline, and if Dallas hasn’t made a deal?

We guarantee Donnie will - again - utter those six words.

The danger of this, of course, is threefold.

1, it is the overrating of “our guys,” a bad habit dating back to “untouchable” Roddy B. (Donnie actually suggested on Wednesday that the Mavs top-nine rotation might deserve to remain untouched.

2, it is the overreacting to the moment, as exhibited in the TV broadcast of Dallas’ win at Minny in which our buddy Derek Harper, raving about the performance of Porzingis, was dumbfounded by any suggestion that the Mavs would dare trade such a brilliant talent.

3, it is the overvaluation of “chemistry,” an important and delicate thing, no doubt. But should chemistry override talent?

Not if the right deal is on the table, Because you know what? If Dallas trades for Player X, and he fulfills the plan, guess what?

That newcomer will also be one of “Our Boys In Blue.” And we will love him plenty.

MARCH 24: ANOTHER KING? According to HoopsHype, the Dallas Mavericks are interested in Kings center Richaun Holmes. He's a starter with an expiring contract and, well, the Mavs and the Kings sure do talk a lot - let's put it that way. 

Holmes is a rim protector and a pick-and-roll weapon. He's also on an expiring deal.

Dallas also has affection for Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield of the Kings.

The Mavs are also involved in examinations of other teams with multiple targets - notably the Magic and the Pacers.

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Meanwhile, multiple reports have Houston almost certainly dealing Victor Oladipo ... though we're not certain how involved Dallas is there.

MARCH 23: MAVS OFFER ON FOURNIER? Orlando knows Evan Fournier, as a coming free agent, might leave for nothing. That's part of the believability behind the Bleacher Report note that Dallas is willing to swap James Johnson (and his $15 mil expiring) along with two second-round picks in exchange for the Frenchman.

Fournier, who is dealing with a groin injury, is averaging 19.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 3.6 assists this year. This trade, in this form, would allow Dallas to beef up the top of the rotation, give up non-rotation pieces, and maybe bring Fournier back in the summer.

MARCH 23: TEAMS 'FEELING OUT' ON KP: Mavs owner Mark Cuban recently told that the team has no intention of trading Kristaps Porzingis. But that hasn't stopped at least two teams from what a source termed "feeling out'' the concept of trading for KP, as one source puts it.

READ MORE: Cuban Reveals Mavs Thoughts On 'Game-Changer Star' Trade

We have broken down in great depth the many reasons such a trade is unlikely, from KP's still-untapped talent to the fact that Dallas would be "selling low'' to the key factor of the Porzingis chemistry with the organization and with Luka Doncic.

So ... we believe what Cuban is telling us, while at the same time understanding why two teams would be interested ... just in case.

MARCH 22: EXPLORING DRUMMOND According to a report from The Athletic's Shams Charania, the Mavs have explored trading options with the Cleveland Cavaliers for veteran center Andre Drummond. 

Drummond has been rumored as a buyout candidate for Cleveland, though the Cavs would prefer finding a trade partner for the 27-year-old in order to get some sort of compensation for his exit. 

Drummond hasn't played since February 12 after being benched by the Cavs as they attempt to negotiate his exit from the franchise. In his 25 appearances with Cleveland, Drummond averaged 17.5 points, 13.5 boards, and 1.5 blocked shots. 

MARCH 21: OFFER FOR COLLINS We have explained the Dallas Mavericks' in-house debate regarding John Collins, a fine young player who they like ... but who might be attainable this summer as a restricted free agent, without having to trade for him.

Which option might Dallas chase? Collins now ... or Collins then?

It appears the Mavs are opting for the former. Full story on a Maxi Kleber-related trade proposal here.

MARCH 21: NORMAN POWELL ON WISH LIST?  "A name that has really emerged in the last few days ... Norman Powell from Toronto, who is having a career season, averaging almost 20 points, shooting 45 percent from three-point range, had a 40-point game last week. About to be a free agent, the Raptors trying to decide what to do going forward this season and into the future, so Norman Powell could be a surprise name that could help a contender in a late deal this week."

That's what ESPN says. What do we say about a Mavs connection with Norman Powell? Story here.

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The Dallas Mavs are near the top of prospective bidders.

Powell is averaging a career-high 19.6 points per game, and his 44.8 three-point percentage ranks ninth in the NBA.

As noted by ESPN, Powell can become a free agent this offseason if he declines his $11.6 million player option. So if he's leaving Toronto anyway, the non-contending Raptors might as well be sellers.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban has explained to that Dallas won't just trade to trade, but would be interested in a difference-maker.

Is the 27-year-old Powell moving in that direction? Maybe.

Is he moving to Dallas? Oddsmakers seem to think that's a maybe, too.

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MARCH 21: BIG NAMES - GOOD ODDS? Lots of names rumored to be on the NBA trade block. Aaron Gordon, Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, Nikola Vucevic, Norman Powell, Victor Oladipo and - of particular note to the Dallas Mavericks, Andre Drummond and John Collins, highlight the list. has set odds for each of those players' next team, should he be traded before the deadline this season. Where do the Mavs fit in?

Andre Drummond next team if traded

Dallas Mavericks +150

New York Knicks +200

Toronto Raptors +350

Miami Heat +500

Chicago Bulls +500

Boston Celtics +750

John Collins next team if traded

Dallas Mavericks +200

Boston Celtics +250

Minnesota Timberwolves +300

Sacramento Kings +400

Detroit Pistons +700

Norman Powell next team if traded

New York Knicks +150

Dallas Mavericks +200

Los Angeles Clippers +300

Golden State Warriors +450

Hmm, Norman Powell? That's a new one. We'll examine shortly ... - Fish

MARCH 21: DFS INQUIRIES? Of course, Dallas would like to make its roster better for the NBA Playoffs, right? That's why they are involved, in some degree, with trade-deadline talks ... now, reportedly, Dorian Finney-Smith.

Drummond we've got covered here.

Collins we've got covered here.

And DFS? I can see why teams are asking about him. He is as close to a "stopper'' as exists on the Dallas roster (he won the Defensive Belt in Portland), he costs just $4 million per year, and he has taught himself to be a sound perimeter shooter.

Would hate to lose him. Would love for the Mavs roster to be good enough to climb out of eighth, up to sixth and out of the play-in thing ... and win in the postseason.

MARCH 20: DRUMMOND AND COLLINS Andre Drummond vs. John Collins?

The idea of Dallas trading for Cavs center Drummond - an idea Mavs fans do not seem to love - we've got covered here.

The idea of Collins coming in a swap from Atlanta, we've got covered here.

Collins makes you better long-term. Drummond? Well, how many centers is Dallas using right now who are inferior to his 14-rebounds-per ability. The Mavs are - as they should be - exploring ... - Fish

MARCH 9: 1-ON-1 WITH CUBAN Our recent visit with Mavs owner Mark Cuban revealed what we believe is a truth about Dallas' approach here.

“Unless it’s a game-changer star, I don’t see us doing anything at all (at the trade deadline),” he told us. (Listen to the entire Step Back Mavs Podcast, and our entire series, here.)

Now ... what if the targeted player is not exactly a "star.'' Can he still be a "game-changer''? We think the answer is "yes.'' Stay tuned - Trigg.