NBA Highlights: Lakers' LeBron James With a Slick Pass in Pelicans Game

LeBron James threw an incredible pass in the Lakers and Pelicans game.
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The Los Angeles Lakers are in the middle of a massive game with the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday evening. 

The Pelicans' season is over and they are not playing for anything, but the Lakers can be the sixth seed in the Western Conference if the ball falls their way.

All the Lakers need is a win over the Pelicans and for the Portland Trail Blazers to lose to the Denver Nuggets to avoid the play-in tournament. 

During the game, LeBron James threw a slick pass to his point guard Dennis Schroder, who caught it and nailed a three-pointer.

The video can be seen in a Tweet from the Lakers embedded below.

More on the Los Angeles Lakers can be read here.

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