By Ben Golliver
March 08, 2013

(Adidas) The new Crazyquick sneakers for Wizards guard John Wall by Adidas. (Adidas)

By Ben Golliver

Wizards guard John Wall left Reebok -- and its terrible, seismographic "Zig" designs -- for Adidas back in January. On Wednesday, Wall debuted Adidas's new patriotic red, white and blue Crazyquick basketball shoes in a loss to the Timberwolves.

The Crazyquick's look is far more conventional than the unorthodox Zigs, without being overly safe either. The aesthetics are slick and well-coordinated; there's a lot going on visually, but the shoe doesn't produce an overwhelming or off-putting effect.

The Adidas Crazyquick basketball shoes come on the heels of Adidas's recent All-Star sneaker releases for Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan and Jrue Holiday. The company has also recently released sleeved jerseys for the Warriors and a series of 1990s throwback jerseys.

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Wall, 22, is one of the league's fastest and most athletic point guards, and Adidas explains that it designed the Crazyquick with that skillset in mind.

The Crazyquick basketball shoe features four quick zones in the outsole that work with the shoe’s upper to provide maximum traction and flexibility for quick movements on court. The flexibility and direction of the herringbone traction and 17 unique diverging pods play a specific role in allowing players to be quicker.

“Quick is what separates me from other players in the league,” said Wall. “Quick is what gets me around defenders to get an open lane to the basket. In a league of fast guards, being quick is what makes my game unique.”

The toe zone features gradual flex and forward and backward traction orientation to ensure quicker push-off while the forefoot zone allows for independent suspension, increased flexibility and lateral traction to ensure quicker more aggressive lateral movements.   The midfoot zone provides enhanced support and lateral traction for stability while still allowing the foot to flex and a heel zone features forward and backward traction for quick and multi-directional stopping and flexibility.

The Crazyquick basketball shoes will be available on May 1 and retail for $140.

(Adidas) John Wall holds up his new Crazyquick sneakers. (Adidas)

(Adidas) John Wall and the new Crazyquick sneakers. (Adidas)

(Adidas) A close-up shot of the traction and styling on the new Crazyquick sneakers. (Adidas)

(Adidas) A look at the soles of the new Crazyquick sneakers. (Adidas)

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