By Rob Mahoney
October 23, 2013

These days, many in the NBA elite maintain their bodies to a meticulous degree. Workout plans are carefully formulated. After-hours drilling is managed by trainers and assistant coaches. Weightlifting schedules are balanced to the last detail. And on top of all the physical work, many of today's top players hire personal chefs to customize -- and regulate -- their diet. There's an obsessive desire among many modern players to find every advantage possible, be it in the way they prepare for games or the way they prepare their bodies. 

That wasn't always the case. On NBA TV's Open Court, Steve Kerr detailed the pre-game eating habits of Bulls teammate Toni Kukoc, who would go to town on a multi-course meal just hours before tip-off. Standards of what constitutes good dietary balance may have changed pretty dramatically over time, but even in the mid-90s Kerr was in disbelief as to what Kukoc would carry with (or within?) him onto the court. A story well-deserving of your time, well-told by Kerr.


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