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B/R Says Suns Haven't Addressed Biggest Weakness

Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz says the Suns haven't fixed their biggest weakness.

When you ask fans what the biggest weakness is for the Phoenix Suns, you'll get a variety of answers. 

Some will say it's the lack of depth behind point guard Chris Paul, while others will point to a needed secondary scorer behind shooting guard Devin Booker. 

Most opinions on what Phoenix needs to change will be met with a collective of head-nods, although with recent success the team has had, major moves aren't needed.

But what about the frontcourt? 

In a recent article analyzing each NBA team's biggest weakness (and if they fixed it), Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz says the Suns needed more frontcourt versatility heading into the offseason. 

Bleacher Report Says Suns Haven't Addressed Biggest Weakness

Biggest Weakness: Frontcourt Versatility

Notable Additions: C Deandre Ayton (re-signed), C Bismack Biyombo (re-signed), C Jock Landale

"The Suns frontcourt will look remarkably similar next season, pending any massive trades for a certain disgruntled Brooklyn Nets star," said Swartz.

"Phoenix matched the four-year, $132.9 million offer sheet for Ayton and brought back Biyombo as a defensive option off the bench. The trade for Landale adds some shooting to the center position, but he may not even play that much with the return of Dario Saric from a torn ACL.

"For now, this is pretty much the same unit (minus JaVale McGee from last year), especially with Jae Crowder and Cam Johnson still under contract.

"The Suns could run this team back and still win 60-plus games again, although an all-in trade for Kevin Durant would make Phoenix the title favorites. We'll see how long Ayton stays out of trade rumors and if the two sides have truly worked out their differences."

Is it Fixed?: "Not really. This is the same talented group from last year now with Saric mixed in."

The Suns hope the return of Saric can add to the mix in a positive way. Will we see an emergence from Cameron Johnson this year? 

We'll see if any new developments out of the frontcourt emerge, although the Suns might just be satisfied with similar outputs from the last regular season. 

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