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Draft Sleepers: 3 under-the-radar picks for No. 34

From the likes of Toledo and Saint Joseph's the second round is full of prospects who may be sliding under the radar, but ready to make a career in the NBA.

There are prospects in every draft who, for a variety of reasons, fly under the radar of NBA scouts.

From playing at small schools to simply not being the primary option, however, that doesn’t mean the talent isn’t there for the prospect to make a career in the NBA. Oklahoma City has the No. 34 pick in the draft, a position in the second round where the sleepers are rampant.

The Thunder have a history of taking on guys who many don’t see at that particular position, those sleepers sometimes pan out, there’s a risk, but there’s also reward.

The 2022 NBA Draft is no different. Here are some sleepers the Thunder could grab in the second round. 

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