NBA Draft Board: Ignite’s Jalen Green

Ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft, we’re breaking down 20 of the best prospects in the class.
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In the 2021 NBA Draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder own one lottery pick at No. 6 overall. If they were to move up in the draft, one of the prospects they could target is Jalen Green who most recently played in the G League.


Green is the most talented offensive player in this entire class. He feels like a safe bet to average 20 points a night early in his NBA career, but the development of the rest of his game will determine what type of player he becomes.


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Green could easily be the best scorer in this class and perhaps one of the top scorers in the NBA within his first few seasons. Although he’s thin, he is a freak athlete who’s a walking highlight tape at the rim.

With the tools to become elite on both ends of the floor, Green has the potential to be an All-NBA player, hence why he’s going to be selected in the top three of this draft. He’s become a solid 3-point shooter over the past year as well, proving he can get a bucket from anywhere on the floor. 


While he has the length and athleticism to be an excellent defender, Green hasn’t showed that consistently enough yet. For most NBA teams, the only question about him is what he can do at a high level outside of score points.

While many guys would struggle with this playing against professionals at his age, Green did show some turnover concerns in the G League last season. Although he’ll be just fine with his current build, he could take his game to the next level is he is able to bulk up over the next few seasons.