NBA Draft Lottery: OKC Thunder Select Draft Lottery Representative

In Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery, Nazr Mohammed will represent the OKC Thunder as they find out where their picks fall.
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On Tuesday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder will find out exactly where their highly-anticipated draft picks will fall. Each team in the lottery will have a representative in NBA Draft Lottery event and Nazr Mohammed is set to represent the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is currently the General Manager of the OKC Blue, the Thunder's G League affiliate and a former player.

Mohammed was the No. 29 overall pick in the 1998 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz, who would later play in Oklahoma City during the Thunder's 2012 NBA Finals run. He would go on to retire in 2015 after a stint with the Chicago Bulls, but came out of retirement in March of 2016 for one final run with the Thunder where Mohammed's career officially ended.

Tuesday's draft lottery will be one of the most pivotal events for the Thunder franchise in history. This will likely decide how quickly they can expedite the rebuild and how the team approaches the upcoming offseason in general.

At best, OKC would land two top-five picks, with the second being Houston's at No. 5 since it's top-four protected. 

However, there's also the chance that Oklahoma City doesn't earn a top-five pick at all. The Thunder's own pick has a 97.6 percent chance of landing in the top seven. 

They also have an 11.5 percent chance at landing the No. 1 overall pick on Tuesday.

Including their two potential lottery picks, the Thunder will have six total selections in the 2021 NBA Draft.