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WATCH: Giddey's Growth in Las Vegas

What Josh Giddey's stint in the Summer League means for OKC moving forward.

Even though Josh Giddey only competed in two summer league games while in Las Vegas, he focused on more than just his expert passing.

“I think that Josh has had an opportunity to engage and grow as a leader,” Kam Woods said.

Giddey showing leadership qualities this early in the NBA calendar year helps more than many understand. By placing an importance on this so early, Giddey is setting a great tone for the Thunder’s new rookies.

Having him there to lead the squad both on and off the court will help the rookies feel more comfortable in OKC’s system. Leading by example with his character while also directing the offense is a difficult combination to find in the modern NBA.

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Kam Woods said,”He’s had a chance to play with these guys and continue to grow. So I think all those things kind of culminate to what’s been a been a good off-season and a good Summer League for him.”

Deciding to join the team in Las Vegas, Giddey built chemistry with the new recruits. Getting them accustomed to his playing style and high passing IQ will be huge moving forward.

This aids in creating trust between the players and an understanding of the offense. Surely this stint will put the group slightly ahead in terms of constructing chemistry that will be pay off later.