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WATCH: Giddey's Playmaking is Impacted by OKC's Off-Ball Movement

Josh Giddey reveals how he feels about the Thunder's off-ball movement.

Josh Giddey has become a passing connoisseur for the Thunder. Zipping passes through tight windows and finessing unbelievable plays, Giddey has a perfect basketball eye.

Having multiple players that thrive off-ball definitely makes Giddey’s life easier as a playmaker.

Giddey mentioned,“Our guys kind of know now if they cut I love to pass, so I’m going to try to get them the ball.”

Oklahoma City’s offense always spaces the floor well which leads to more room for creation. While ball movement is key to any offense, so is movement off the ball. OKC’s roster is great at exploiting space to generate plays.

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One things for sure, if the ball is in Giddey’s hands he’ll find any cutter at any moment and make the right pass.

“Its a dream for me,” Giddey expressed.