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WATCH: The Two 'J. Wills' Distinguish Themselves Apart

Jalen Williams and Jaylin Williams reveal their nicknames.

The Thunder ended up with a very surprising draft night this year. After OKC drafted four rookies in the 2021 class, it was shocking that Oklahoma City walked away from the 2022 draft with another four rookies.

Whats more staggering is that three of their four rookies came out of the lottery.

Yet thats not where the mind-boggling events ended. The Thunder drafted two players with the same name: Jalen Williams and Jaylin Williams. Oklahoma City drafted Jalen Williams from Santa Clara with the 12th overall pick and spent their only second-round pick on Jaylin Williams from Arkansas. 

Thankfully the rookies relayed their nicknames so that OKC can distinguish the two apart.

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In their introductory press conference Jalen Williams said,” I go by J Dub, and then thats J Will (referring to Jaylin Williams) so we kind of been figuring that out since we got here.”

Not helping the situation, J Will decided his jersey number would be six and J Dub chose the number eight.

Despite these two players having the same name and now similar jersey numbers, their skills could not be more diverse.

J Will and J Dub will have the opportunity to display the different aspects of their respective games during the 2022 NBA Summer League.