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Giannis to Warriors Talk Proves You Love Superteams: Unchecked

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Just admit it, you like superteams. All the Giannis Antetokounmpo to the Golden State Warriors talk proves that.

I thought Kevin Durant broke the NBA, now we’re already trying to put the Greek Freak in the Bay?

I know Giannis was hacked when he tweeted he was going to the Warriors, but at first it felt like a crack about all the speculation. Meanwhile, his current team in Milwaukee has the best record in the league as he is putting up a historic Player Efficiency Rating.

But to keep it a buck, already attempting to move Giannis from the Bucks and into a big three with the Splash Brothers is not nearly the only evidence of the affinity basketball fans have for star-laden squads.

Television ratings were down with more parity this season. While viewership for The Last Dance is setting records. There’s a circumstantial bump there of course considering the current reality we are all living in. But as much as that is a documentary about Michael Jordan, it’s also one about a superteam—the Chicago Bulls. Aside from MJ they had some of the best players in the world at the time. Why do you think Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman essentially got their own episodes?

And this goes back before then too. So the next time I hear people wax poetic about the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, Heatles or even the Warriors, don’t also tell me you hate when superstars are on the same team. Many a dynasty disagrees. 

I think the Jordan shrug applies.