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SI Insider: Breaking Down Adam Silver's Call with the Players From Friday

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's call with the players last Friday contained much of the same information we already knew. The NBA is not close to being able to resume the season. He not say specifically if or when it will return. If the league can return, the likely scenario has the NBA quarantining teams in a single location. Specifically DisneyWorld or Las Vegas. 

What was interesting was that several players who were on or listened to the call came away believing that the NBA would be willing to push the end of the season as far as October if it meant finishing the current one. 

The league isn't concerned with the start of next season. Not yet, anyway. With many in the league office believing that starting the season in December or even January is the league's best chance of getting fans in the stands next year. Fan revenue accounts for 40 percent of the league's revenue, according to Silver, and to potentially avoid massive financial losses, delaying as long as possible is viewed by many to be the league's best course. 

What does that all mean? It means the NBA will likely wait until at least June, if not July, before making a decision on the season. And that summer basketball, which already has its advocates, could be part of the league's schedule for a while.