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One Big Question For The Chicago Bulls: Who Do The Bulls' Front Office Want To Commit To?

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The Chicago Bulls have an all-new front office with Arturas Karnisovas as vice president and Marc Eversley as GM. The big question that hangs over the Bulls' front office: which players are they going to invest in moving forward? SI's Madelyn Burke is joined by SI NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni to discuss who the potential players could be.

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Madelyn Burke: The Chicago Bulls have re-imagined their front office, hiring Arturas Karnisovas from Denver as vice president of basketball operations and Marc Eversley from Philly as the team's new general manager, but how will they reimagine their roster? I'm joined now by SI NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni and Rohan, when you look at the current group of players on this Chicago Bulls roster, who do you see this new front office being most invested in keeping as they move forward?

Rohan Nadkarni: It's going to be very interesting. Maddie. Usually, when new front offices take over, they identify one or two guys that they feel like they can build around, and for the Bulls, I think that's going to be easier said than done. I think Zach LaVine, obviously a very talented scorer, but it can be tough to separate, you know, the high scoring totals versus actual impact. I think Lauri Markkanen has been a really good player besides some injury issues early in his career. They have other young guys: Wendell Carter Jr., Kobe White who flashed potential. What it comes down to for the Bulls' new front office is: are they going to have to blow this up one more time and take a couple more steps back to build a foundation, or do they feel like they have some pieces in place that they can use as building blocks moving forward?

Madelyn Burke: They'll likely wait until they can get back on the court to make any real decisions. SI's Rohan Nadkarni, thank you so much for the insight.