Mamba Sports Academy To Remove "Mamba" From Its Name

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Madelyn Burke: The Mamba Sports Academy is "Mamba" no more. The organization announced Tuesday it was retiring Mamba from the name and will be known as Sports Academy going forward. I'm joined now by SI NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni. Rohan, Sports Academy says the move is meant to be made with respect to the Mamba name. What do you make of this announcement?

Rohan Nadkarni: You know, I'm sure that the people involved there are doing what they believe is the best for the academy, and also the future of the academy. I'm sure that they will figure out, you know, the proper way in conjunction with the Bryant family, that the best way to honor Kobe Bryant moving forward, whether that's building a memorial for him at the academy or some other way to honor him. My read of the situation is I think the people who were there just want to figure out the best way to respect Kobe moving forward. If that means taking the Mamba name off and ensuring that their work with boys and girls, men and women, youth will continue, I think that's what's most important.

Madelyn Burke: Now, the Academy, of course, added the nickname to its title in 2018 after Kobe Bryant and Sports Academy CEO Chad Faulkner joined forces. Sports Academy, though, says their mission remains unchanged. Rohan Nadkarni, thanks so much for the time.