How Long Are the Cavaliers Going to Hold on to Kevin Love?

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Despite Kevin Love being one of the cornerstones of the Cleveland Cavaliers since his arrival with LeBron James in 2014, could the Cavs look to trade their big man in hopes of rebuilding the franchise? SI's Rohan Nadkarni discusses Love's current situation with the team and whether it's time both sides part ways. 

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Madelyn Burke: Kevin Love returned to his team's reopened practice facility as the Cavaliers became one of the first teams to reopen their facilities for voluntary individual workouts on the first day that the league allowed it. But as the Cavs look ahead, will Kevin Love be in the building for long? Joining me now is SI NBA writer Rohan Nadkarni. Rohan, trade speculations have surrounded Kevin Love for some time right now. They say where there's smoke, there's fire. Is this a move the Cavs need to make?


Rohan Nadkarni: I mean, it's really that's something that's been talked about for years. Even when LeBron James was there, but particularly once LeBron left to go back to the Lakers, Kevin Love is never really made sense in Cleveland's long term plans. They're obviously trying to build for the future right now. His contract is even set up in such a way that it makes it easier to trade him with the declining value in salary over the next few years. 


You know, there's no sense to beat around the bush with Cleveland. If there's one thing interesting about them moving forward it's "will they trade Kevin Love and what can they get in return for him?" That's kind of the only thing hanging around this franchise right now because it's pretty obvious that they need a rebound.

Madelyn Burke: That is one thing that we can count on, that being a headline in Cleveland for some time to come. Rohan Nadkarni. thank you so much for the insight.

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