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Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls’ Toughest Challenges Highlight Conclusion on ’The Last Dance’

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SI’s Ben Pickman and Robin Lundberg discuss the conclusion ‘The Last Dance’ and how the finals episodes focused more on the challenges the Bulls faced on the court rather than off of it.

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Robin Lundberg: The Last Dance is over, sadly, but what were our takeaways from the last episodes? For more, I'm joined by our SI writer, Ben Pickman. Ben, you know, to me, these focused on basketball and memories that I actually have watching those Pacers series, that Pacers series, those Jazz series. What was your biggest takeaway? 

Reggie Miller-talked-trash-to-Michael-Jordan-as-rookie

Ben Pickman: Yeah, I mean, I think I'm with you, Robin, that it's the basketball parts of these final episodes that really jumped out. Right. You compare episodes 9 and 10 with Episode 7 and 8 and you see some stark contrast, right. Episode 7 and 8, a much more emotional set of episodes, right. You have Michael Jordan getting emotional at the end of episode seven, even asking for a break. And think about the end of Episode 8 for a second, where you see Jordan lying on the floor of the locker room in tears, right in Episode 9 and 10. You have a few digressions. 

Jordan's game-winner vs. Utah

Yeah. As you have a story about Steve Kerr. His father and a security guard, Gus Let. But it is those basketball moments, right? Overcoming the Pacers, the series with the Jazz, the Bryon Russell shot in game six of nineteen eighty eight in that series. Right. Those are the moments that jump out to me from those last two episodes, those iconic moments in Jordan career, his final on court moments that really stuck out. 

Robin Lundberg: I also have to give a nod to Dennis Rodman joining the N.W.O in the midst of the NBA finals. I can't believe that hasn't been a bigger deal in like the lower of all this, because if it happened today, it would it would lead to a hot take factory. And anybody who came up in the 90's understands how big a moment that is to walk out there with the N.W.O, so there's only one Dennis Rodman as well. 

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