What is Daryl Morey's Next Big Move for the Rockets?

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Daryl Morey may be painted in a tough light it when it comes to his stance in Chinese Politics, but Morey is still a Manager, and he's looking to make big moves for the franchise. SI's Michael Shapiro breaks down areas where Morey could seek to change or improve moving forward. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: There are lots of NBA trades that are taking place during this unusual offseason. Joining me now to discuss this is Houston Rockets team reporter Michael Shapiro. Michael, what do you think the next trade will be that Daryl Morey makes this offseason?

Michael Shapiro: Well, the Rockets general manager is never afraid to make a splash on the trade market. I think his next deal will be looking to the frontcourt to kind of bolster the Rockets' rotation. Now, Kevin Love has been a guy who is long rumored to be a potential piece for the rockets. I don't know if they don't necessarily come together. One need to look at: Pacers' center Myles Turner. He has significant stretch behind the three-pointer. It seems like Houston and Indiana could make the contracts match in a potential deal.

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner out at least four weeks with thumb fracture -- IMAGE
Myles Turner :: Getty Images

Kaitlin O'Toole: Let's take a moment to talk about his previous track record. Is Morey pretty good when it comes to the trade?

Michael Shapiro: Well, they certainly call them Trader Daryl for a reason. You know, Morey has taken two big swings in the last three seasons. Of course, he acquired Chris Paul from the Clippers a couple of years back, and then last offseason, he made perhaps the biggest splash of his career, swapping Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook and what was a real headline deal in the summer.


Kaitlin O'Toole: So he's good there. That's good to know. But I want to talk about the Rockets specifically. Can they sustain their success over the next decade?

Michael Shapiro: You know, it's quite an interesting question, on one hand, the rockets might face some financial trouble. They are consistently in the luxury tax and owner Tilman Fertitta hasn't really shown a massive ability to go deep into that luxury tax. On the other hand, they still have James Harden for the next three to four years. Russell Westbrook as well. So it might be tough for the Rockets to truly vault themselves into the championship conversation. But this should be a playoff team for years to come.

Kaitlin O'Toole: All right, thank you so much, Michael, for your insight, appreciate it. 

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