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Video: Is the NBA Championship Still Important This Season?

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All signs point to the NBA resuming at some point this year to conclude its season. With the league being absent for months due to concerns of the coronavirus, does an NBA championship still hold the same significance? SI's Robin Lundberg believes the title carries even more weight. 

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Robin Lundberg: Forget an asterisk, any NBA championship won this season will be more significant. The return of the NBA is something to celebrate, not taint. And isn’t one of the things we love about sports overcoming adversity? I’d say winning a title this year would certainly qualify there. Players have been off for months. Ramping back up is a challenge in and of itself. As is playing in an environment unlike any we’ve ever seen. Hi Mickey. 

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There won’t be any crowd to feed off, just the best athletes in the world out on the court to compete. Not to mention we don’t even know what the format will be, which could be yet another obstacle to overcome, rather than normalcy. And then there’s what it will mean. Many of us have spent quarantine arguing about the NBA even while it was away. Who do you think is better, by the way, LeBron or MJ? The league will always be tied to this moment in time, from leading the shutdown until now, so returning to action will carry extra significance to a lot of people. When it’s all said and done and we look back, I doubt any of us will forget where we were at. It could even lead to the NBA calendar being permanently pushed back. So, when a champion is eventually crowned this season, there’ll be nothing but respect from me. Regardless of who wins it. Because they’ll wind up with a ring that could have even more meaning.

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