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Should Nets Trade For Bradley Beal?

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The Brooklyn Nets look to turn their franchise into a legit championship contender once Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving link on the floor, but should the team look to add Wizards' star guard Bradley Beal? SI’s Ben Pickman and fantasy exec Corey Parson discuss whether Beal is the right player to take the Nets to the next level.

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Robin Lundberg: There have been reports that the Brooklyn Nets are having internal discussions about acquiring Bradley Beal. But do the Nets need to chase a third star, Beal, or someone else? For more, I'm joined by our Ben Pickman and the fantasy exact Corey Parson. And Corey, I'll start with you. Should the Nats be looking to add a third star to go with Katie and Kyrie?

Corey Parson: Well, listen, if they can pull it off and get a guy like Bradley Beal, who's an absolute bucket. That makes them very formidable in the Eastern Conference. But I would say let's pipe the brakes on that one a little bit right now because I think that guy could be on the team in Spencer Dinwiddie. He's a guy who's averaging 20 points this year and also six assists. He has seven games this season with 30 or more points. He was on the bubble of being an all-star this year. I really want to see what his team can do as well as their built currently before we start adding pieces. Most importantly, they need to add a head coach.

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Robin Lundberg: Well, yeah, they don't have a coach. You almost forget they fired Kenny Atkinson. They do have LeVert and Dinwiddie as possible trade chips or part of a possible core Ben. And most importantly, we haven't even seen their two stars on the floor.


Ben Pickman: Right. And I think they'll have to probably go into next season figuring it out with a similar roster as they have right now. Just adding a coach. We haven't seen Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving together, as you mentioned. We haven't even seen a really healthy Caris LeVert fit along with Durant or fit along with Kyrie Irving. So LeVert is another question mark heading into next year. Corey mentioned Spencer Dinwiddie is a potential star. Some people think that Caris Levert is the third blue-chip piece that the Brooklyn Nets have. Now, I think as a team they'll probably stand pat if they can make a deal. Does a deal for Jrue Holiday or LaMarcus Aldridge, does that really make the difference? I mean, maybe, maybe makes the difference in them going up in the Eastern Conference run. But I think for them, played out one more season, then see heading into 2021 if you need a big shakeup.

Robin Lundberg: I think if that right. The third star emerges, you have to go after them, but otherwise, you're better off with the depth rather than adding a star in name alone.

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