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There is no question that Draymond Green's suspension during the 2016 NBA Finals hurt Golden State's chances against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Green, his suspension cost them another title.

On a recent edition of the Checc’n In Podcast With Big U, Draymond said, "We lost. I take that on the chin. I cost us a championship. I’m fine with that. I can take that on the chin, no problem. I own up to my mistakes."

Draymond also said he would "one thousand percent" do it again in the same scenario, and added that there are a difference set of rules for him.

“There’s Draymond Green rules,” Draymond said. “There’s 100 percent Draymond Green rules. Evan Mobley did the same exact thing and kicked LeBron in the head, ain’t nobody talking about wanting to kick him out, ain’t nobody talking like it was [on] purpose.”

While Draymond knows his inherent reaction to being stepped over would remain the same today, he admits that his growth would not allow for that same scenario to present itself.

“If somebody tries to step over me, I’m going to try to hit them,” Green said. “What I wouldn’t do again, is I wouldn’t allow myself to be in a position to where someone can make that decision and cost me... If I get to that point again and you step over me, I’m going to try to hit you again. But I wouldn’t be in the same position with flagrant amount of points, with the amount of techs to where I leave that decision in someone else’s hands.”

While 2016 will always sting, the Warriors continue to dominate the NBA, and have tallied four rings in the last eight seasons.

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