Combine Risers & Sliders: WR, TE

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The receivers and tight ends took to the RCA Dome this weekend and completed their combine workouts. The results were good for the most part, and both positions look solid heading towards April's draft.

Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State: Thomas moved his 216-pound frame across the forty yards of the RCA Dome in 4.38 seconds. He practiced to his timed speed and was fast all day. Thomas ran terrific routes and made several exceptional catches in the afternoon. He will now be rated as one of the draft's top five wideouts.

James Hardy, WR, Indiana: Hardy measured at 6-foot-5 and weighed 217 pounds. He then timed his forty's in 4.5 seconds, faster than anyone thought possible. Hardy ran good routes and caught everything thrown to him during the practice session. He solidified himself as a top 40 selection.

Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida: Caldwell ran much faster than expected, clocking both his forty's in the 4.35-second range. He then went on to show natural hands and made several acrobatic catches during practice.

Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue: Keller ran the fastest of all the tight ends, averaging in the high 4.5's in his two attempts. He also stood out catching the ball. Keller's not known for being much of a blocker, yet he showed well in drills and did complete 26 reps on the bench press.

Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State: Jackson ran both his forty's near the 4.3 second mark, with some stopwatches having him as fast as 4.27 seconds. He ran scissor sharp routes and made all the catches, just as he did during the Senior Bowl. Jackson's play the past month has guaranteed he will not get out of round three.

Arman Shields, WR, Richmond: Shields is another small school prospect who made the most of his combine opportunity. He was sidelined much of last season with a leg injury yet still ran in the low 4.3's. Shields also looked good catching the ball.

Brad Cottam, TE, Tennessee: Cottam measured 6-7 and weighed 270 pounds. He stunned scouts running his forty's in the mid-4.6 second area. Cottam also completed an impressive 24 reps on the bench. He is one of the fastest rising tight ends in the draft.

Brandon Breazell, WR, UCLA: Breazell was a little light, tipping the scale at just 160 pounds, yet was lightening fast in his forty. Braezell twice got under 4.4 seconds and then played to that speed during pass catching drills.

Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan: Manningham was considered a vertical receiver at Michigan but that notion has been put to rest. He struggled to get below 4.6 seconds in the forty.

John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame: Carlson was considered one of the better pass catching tight ends coming into the season. He caught the ball well during his session, but forty times in the 4.8 second range are bound to hurt his draft stock.

Fred Davis, TE, USC: Davis declined to run at the combine yet did participate in the pass-catching workout. He had a lot of problems all day showing poor timing and dropping several catchable throws.

Evan Moore, WR, Stanford: Moore was a dependable yet oft-injured receiver in college. He was slow today, running a 4.75 forty, and showed limited quickness. He is now likely to get consideration at tight end.

The only highly rated receiver who did not workout was Malcolm Kelly of Oklahoma. ... DeSean Jackson ran fast today, clocking 4.3 seconds in the forty, yet he measured just 5-9.5 and 169 pounds, which has scouts concerned about whether or not he has the size to be a first rounder. ... Florida State receiver De'Cody Fagg went down with a seemingly major leg injury while warming up for the pass catching session. A cast was put on Fagg's leg and he was stretchered out of the RCA Dome.