Gridiron 11

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Gridiron 11: Best Wide Receivers

It's been a contention of mine that beyond the top 15 or 20 players, fantasy wide receivers are a dime-a-dozen, interchangeable and easily replaced off the waiver wire nearly any time you need. But this year has seen a rash of new, unexpected faces that have shown up at the top of the pass-catching heap, leaving some of the players we thought would be the best in the background. This week's Gridiron 11 examines the wide receivers you want on your team right now and for the remainder of the season. You'll notice a few familiar names missing from our preseason rankings for reasons varying from injury (Austin Collie, DeSean Jackson, Malcom Floyd) to inconsistency (Mike Sims-Walker) to a lack of teammate support (Larry Fitzgerald), but remember, fantasy football reality is very fleeting.

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