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Randy Moss waiver update: Titans put in claim; Rams interested, too


Where's Waldo has nothing on the new guessing game that's burning up the back channels of the NFL on this Wednesday afternoon: Whither Randy? As in which teams might have claimed or intend to claim ex-Vikings receiver Randy Moss on waivers, and which lucky (or unlucky?) club will be awarded the future Hall of Fame talent when the 4 p.m. ET deadline expires?

Here's what I've gleaned from league sources today:

• If 21 other teams take a pass on Moss, the Tennessee Titans, holding the 22nd spot in the waiver claim order (based on an inversed version of the current league standings) will jump on him. The Titans have put in a claim for Moss, and he'd be a logical replacement for the team's injured No. 1 receiver, Kenny Britt, who pulled a hamstring Sunday in San Diego and is expected to miss several games. Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is intrigued with Moss's well-known ability to make catches in traffic, going up for the ball. Britt is just starting to develop similar skills as a big-play receiver.

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• Teams that have some level of need at receiver who have decided to not touch Moss include Atlanta (the Falcons thought about it and talked themselves out of it), Baltimore (getting Donte' Stallworth back on the field this week at home against Miami), the Jets (too many potential headaches already on hand), and Seattle (don't want to take the chance of adding Moss to their locker room).

• St. Louis is another team that is strongly considering claiming Moss, and at No. 13 in the waiver claim order the Rams might be well-positioned to get him. But the Rams are still deciding whether or not adding Moss fits with the locker room culture that head coach Steve Spagnuolo has tried to build in his two years on the job.

• No. 18 Miami and No. 21 New Orleans are also teams I've heard that have or are considering filing a claim for Moss. The Dolphins could be doing so to block Moss from winding up back in New England. Again, the Jets, another of Miami's AFC East rivals, have reportedly ruled Moss out.

• The number of teams that will wind up putting in a claim for Moss is about four, according to most of the league sources I contacted. Tennessee, St. Louis, Miami and New Orleans would be my best guesses, with San Diego as a potential surprise entry. The Rams, at No. 13, would get the rights to Moss if there are just those four teams, minus San Diego. But the Chargers hold the No. 10 slot and would trump St. Louis if they make a claim.

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