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Gridiron 11: Reconsidering perfect fantasy draft

Gridiron 11: The Perfect Draft

This week's edition of Gridiron 11 comes to you from inside the crystal ball, peering back from the future to revisit the thinking you could've employed on draft day to come away with the perfect fantasy football squad. As you'll see, the means don't always justify the ends, and the standard strategies of gobbling up running backs in the first few rounds or taking one of the first five quarterbacks isn't always necessary to amass a killer roster. We assumed the fifth pick in the draft, so players like Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice were already off the board when it came time to select. So here are the first 11 (of 16) picks of what would've been the draft of a lifetime in any size league.

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Darren McFadden



Dustin Keller


Matt Cassel


Sebastian Janikowski