Deon Grant's fake injury slows Rams offense

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On their second possession of the game Monday, the Rams busted out a Patriots-like no-huddle, rapid-fire offense that led them deep into Giants territory.

As the Rams quickly lined up for a second-and-2 from the New York 8, the Giants resorted to some unseemly tactics to try to slow things down. Within a split-second of each other, Jacquian Williams and Deon Grant hit the ground with "injuries," and Grant stayed down long enough for the refs to whistle for an injury timeout.

Not long after, Grant walked to the sideline and then returned to the game.

The evidence of the Giants' shenanigans:

Cal tried to pull the same trick last year against Oregon's breakneck offense, with the Golden Bears' attempt coming across as no less obvious:

It's a move you see far more often in hockey or in soccer than you do in the NFL. Unfortunately, there's also not much the referees can do about it -- the NFL has no rule in place against fake injuries, mainly because attempting to prove such a thing in order to make a call would be near impossible. The NFL told Pro Football Talk, however, that a fine could result if it could be proven that a team faked injury to gain an advantage.

After Grant's theatrics Monday night, the Rams proceeded to throw a pair of incomplete passes and settle for a field goal -- that's after going 67 yards in seven plays prior to the stoppage.