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Mark Sanchez is afraid of Drayton Florence

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Mark Sanchez threw for 230 yards and a touchdown to help his Jets pick up a huge victory Sunday in Buffalo. Not every play will wind up on his career highlight reel, though.

Late in the fourth quarter with the Jets nursing a 16-point lead, Sanchez had one of those moments his teammates no doubt let him hear about later -- like when a punter tries to make a tackle or an offensive lineman catches a lateral.

On a 1st-and-10, the Jets broke out the wildcat formation and snapped it to running back Joe McKnight, while Sanchez lined up out wide, defended by Buffalo cornerback Drayton Florence.

Then this happened:

Well, that's embarrassing.

Unless Sanchez somehow didn't see Florence standing in front of him before the snap, it's hard to figure why he acted like he was about to get stabbed. At least Sanchez had the fortitude to go back and block Florence. Of course, he wound up getting tossed to the turf.

The best part of the whole clip has to be ex-NFL QB and current CBS analyst Phil Simms' reaction: "Ohhhhh man! That was awesome! He flinched!"

Of course, Sanchez's threshold for embarrassment has to be pretty high at this point -- his shirtless September GQ spread led Aaron Rodgers to make fun of him in the press, and he surely took a few shots in his own locker room.