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NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

Well that's a first. Hurricane Sandy had such a wide-ranging effect on the nation this week that the impact was even felt in's NFL power rankings. Imagine trying to produce the power rankings without, you know, power, which is what we've been dealing with at our house in suburban Philadelphia since the lights went out just before the 49ers">49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football game kicked off.

But the show always goes on in the NFL, even if the lights don't. So here's our Halloween version of the NFL power rankings, which ironically enough were written largely in the dark. (And more so than usual, with a nod toward those fans who disagree with our logic and judgment). The order of things at the very top didn't change much this week, but teams like the Broncos, Steelers, Dolphins and Colts are on the move, playing their way into our line of vision and beginning to resemble legitimate playoff contenders in the AFC. That much we can tell even without illumination.

Now onto this week's rankings...

NFL Power Rankings

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