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Fashion Forward Running Back

The Patriots’ Stevan Ridley on his trademark outfit, his old cowboy boots and having to conform to Bill Belichick's dress code

GREG BEDARD: So, where’s the postgame onesie we’ve been so used to seeing you in—not cold enough yet?

STEVAN RIDLEY: Yeah, those are only for when the weather turns cold. You’ll be seeing them before too long. I’ll still be rocking those by CCR [California Christiania Republic]. You know I will. But I will have some new stuff. I’m working with a company. It’s going to be out there a little bit, something different, but they make some of the sickest stuff that’s out right now. Pants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, everything. You’ll see something pretty soon. It will make you stand up.

BEDARD: When did your fashion obsession start?

RIDLEY: Early age, man. It had to be elementary school in my cowboy boots. Mom actually had to make me stop wearing them to church because they were talking at the end—they were split open but they were my favorite pair. I had a brown pair, gray, and I had my work boots. I’ve been sick for a long time with the clothes and fashion, man, but I love it.

BEDARD: What’s your road ensemble—can you freelance?

RIDLEY: We’re all in suits on the road, which really isn’t my thing. I hate dressing up. I’d rather just be in T-shirts and pants and roll out the door, but unfortunately we have to put a suit on and act like grown men. I try to dress it up and do what I can.

(Greg Bedard/SI)

(Greg Bedard/SI)