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Not Just Luck in Indianapolis

Cory Redding on establishing a dominant defense in Indianapolis, and Super Bowl-or-bust expectations

JENNY VRENTAS: How much of the Colts defensive scheme, now in its second year, depends on the play of you and the guys up front?

CORY REDDING: A lot. We have to demand two people at all times, and stay true to your gap. It’s so easy to play selfish defense. What I mean by that is, when I’m supposed to stay in my ‘C’ gap, but I see an opening in the ‘B’ gap, to take that chance and jump in there when that’s somebody else’s hole. I have to stay put and play in the framework of the defense. So when I’m in the 5-technique in the ‘C’ gap, I’ve got to be in the ‘C’ gap, and that’s an example of the small things that go a long way in this defense. Coming from Baltimore, I’ve played in this system before, we implemented it here, and I know what it takes. I know how to coach the guys on different positions on the front line, and tell the linebackers behind me how to play off of us. I just lead by example.

VRENTAS:Speaking of your experience with the Ravens, are you trying to create a defensive tradition with the Colts like the one in Baltimore?

REDDING: Of course. That’s the main thing: Establish a defensive presence in Indy where, when somebody turns on the tape, they think it’s 15 guys out there instead of 11. That’s the kind of mindset you want to have. Be very aggressive, smart players. And play for one another. As long as you have 11 guys tuned in, playing for one another, on the same page, great things will happen.

VRENTAS: What are your expectations for the Colts defense this season?

REDDING: My expectation is being here Feb. 2. Period. A lot of people can talk about it, but I truly believe we have the makeup and the people on this team to get it done, and that’s my mindset. We’ve got to go and play every game, prepare every week like it’s our last, and never take it for granted. The one thing we have is an opportunity, and whenever you get an opportunity, you’ve got to make the best of it. We’re working real hard, we’ve got the right mindset, the right makeup, and the guys to do it. So why not do it?