September 19, 2013
Crowd noise was one thing in Seattle, but at least NBC's Michele Tafoya didn't sing "Stormy Weather."
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

In a game that was all Raiders from the opening possession with very little offensive execution, the trio got excited whenever Terrelle Pryor and Darren McFadden burst through to make big plays. They gave some good breakdown analysis of Pryor and his potential as an NFL quarterback. Often small market broadcasters are better than the lead analysts, and this team showed that in talking just enough about the right things without distracting from the game with the sound of their own voices. They had big shoes to fill for Raider Nation after Marv Albert and Oakland legend Rich Gannon called the season opener in Indianapolis, but I would definitely enjoy hearing this team again during Oakland broadcasts. -- Chase Ruttig at Just Blog Baby.

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