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Jason Pierre-Paul: 'I'm pretty sure' Giants will beat Chiefs in Week 4

Jason Pierre-Paul has faith in the Giants, kinda. (Rich Kane/Icon SMI)

Jason Pierre-Paul has faith in the Giants, kinda.

The Giants are 0-3, coming off a humiliating 38-0 loss in Carolina and have to play at undefeated Kansas City on Sunday. None of those factors kept Jason Pierre-Paul from guaranteeing a win over the Chiefs.

Well, maybe "guaranteeing" is too strong a word ...

Joe Namath's brash promise of a Super Bowl win, it is not. The Giants still had better hope that Pierre-Paul is on to something, because their season is already on the verge of slipping away.

Last Sunday's belly flop in Carolina may have been the low point -- the Giants certainly want to believe it was. The Panthers sacked Eli Manning seven times and led 31-0 at the end of three quarters, before coasting home.

Pierre-Paul, who missed the whole preseason after back surgery, made his first start of 2013 in that game. So perhaps his return to a full-time role will help spark the defense. Through three weeks of the regular season, no team in football has allowed more points than the Giants (115). Each of their past two foes have topped 400 yards.

The Giants' own offense, meanwhile, has mustered all of 54 points in three games, the 27th best mark in the league.